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Fabric Ink Setting Press

Product Code: S-Press

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Fast and easy heat setting of your Aquatex & Permaset fabric inks using this large size press.

With a heat area far greater than an average iron set entire prints in a single pressing.
Commercial grade heat element maintains temperature to ensure every garment is set faster than an iron.
Note - Although called a steam press, the steam function is not used when heat setting fabric inks.

Manual panel for  fabric selection and settings
- Offers fine adjustment over digital types
Powerful 1350W operation with 100 pounds of pressure
Pressing plate size: 56 x 23cm
220/240V power supply
Nonstick upper with soft padded lower surfaces
Variable temperature control to suit all types of fabric
Locking knob keeps press secure when being moved
Removable/padded pressing surface cover
Optional steam function with water reservoir
Easy cord storage built in.

Warranty notice: This machine is not designed for commercial quantities or use in a commercial printing business.
This model is designed for small-low volumes only < 100 per week.
Machine is warranted against faulty manufacture, not improper use.


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Fabric Ink Setting Press
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