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EZIscreen Multi-colour T-shirt Package

Product Code: E-303

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Professional colour registration of multi-colour designs using a t-shirt jig.

Print faster every time - single or multiple colours - as your screen is held in positions, there's no registration between prints and your squeegee can be rested in the frame (less handling and mess).

This Pro Package supplies all the required equipment for high quality professional grade results based around the Wooden t-shirt jig.

Artwork & Imaging:
▪ Inkjet/ hand drawn/ laser onto artwork transparency
▪ Expose in sunlight or indoor under U.V. fluro lamp
▪ Water clean-up, no chemicals or solvents used

▪ Squeegee
▪ Fabric/ Canvas/ Paper/ Cotton/ Synthetics
▪ Glass/ Metal/ Plastic/ Ceramic Decals

Printing Type & Colours:
▪ All Colours/ Direct and Off Contact Printing/ Single and Multiple Colour

Print & Frame Size:
Max Stencil Size: 214x275mm
Max Print Size Mounted to Frame: 170x230mm
Suitable Frame: FP-120x190/ FM-180x250
Suitable Squeegee: SQ-110/ SQ-170

Kit Contents:
10 x SPO Sheet - 218x279mm
20 x A4 EZIscreen Artwork Transparency
1 x EZIscreen Exposure Cover
1 x EZIscreen Washout Brush
1 x EZIscreen Digital Timer
1 x Screen Masking Tape (24mm x 75M)
1 x Metal Frame ID: 180x250mm (no tape)
1 x Double Sided Frame Tape (T-K12)
10 x Frame Height Adjusters
1 x 125ml Table Adhesive
4 x 170mm NEHOC Long Life Professional Squeegee
6 x 250ml Standard Fabric Inks - Yellow, Red, Blue, Green, Black & White
6 x 250ml Supercover/ Opaque Fabric Inks - Yellow, Red, Blue, Green, Black & White
1 x 125ml Fabric Ink Retarder
1 x 4 Arm Wooden T-Shirt Jig, plus FREE X-Large board for Wooden T-shirt Jig
1 x Printing Lesson #1 + practice white t-shirt
1 x Printing Lesson #2 + practice dark t-shirt
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EZIscreen Multi-colour T-shirt Package
EZIscreen Multi-colour T-shirt PackageEZIscreen Multi-colour T-shirt PackageEZIscreen Multi-colour T-shirt Package
Note: Due to differences in computer monitor quality the colour shown here may vary slightly from the actual product.

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